walk in interview

walk in interview

Advertisement for hiring Research assistant/Field coordinator


Under the Sustainable Urban Development - Smart Cities (SUD-SC) Project, GIZ India and ICRIER New Delhi have entered into a grant agreement with an objective to contribute in the knowledge domain of affordable housing, which focuses on two aspects. Part-I titled “Decoding Private Informal Housing Market” caters to the supply side of affordable housing for the urban poor. Under this, it is envisaged to build knowledge on the functioning and traits of the small/petty builders and other stakeholders operating in the informal private housing market. Part-II titled “Alternatives to Individual Property Rights in the Informal Settlements/Slums” focuses on various tenure models and alternative approaches for affordable housing from India and around the globe. This part intends to provide alternative to Individual Property Rights and its linkages with the existing spatial planning regime. The selected cities are Kochi and Bhubaneswar.

The field work for this project is being carried out by Research & Analysis Consultants (RAC) Bhubaneswar. In this regard, two RAs are to be hired for supporting the field activities in Bhubaneswar. It is expected that these RAs would work in close collaboration with the core team of ICRIER.

2.Key roles and responsibilities
The RA is expected to:
  • a. Build networks with all potential interviewees, arrange meetings with stakeholders, and conduct interviews. In case follow-ups are required for additional data and information, it will be the responsibility of the RA selected. 

  • b. Each case interview shall be documented in detail including respondent names and contact details. Along with the transcript of the interviews, the RA will also document observations and their understanding during the course of the interview. 

  • c. All interviews shall be completely transcribed in English. Incomplete transcripts will not be accepted. In cases where some information is missing in the transcript, RA will need to update the transcript.  

  • d. S/he will closely work with ICRIER team and update the team regarding field work progress in a timelymanner. 

3.Required expertise
  • a. The applicants should have experience in the areas of land, housing markets, slums, urban housing planning and regarding the prevailing informal housing supply mechanism.

  • b.The work entails qualitativeresearch and the candidates are expected to be proficient in Odia and English languages.Fluency in Hindi is an additional merit.

  • c.The candidate should be able to collect pertinent primary & secondary information and transcribe the interviews as well.

  • d.This is a 3 months project and the selected candidates will be paid as per their work experience and interview performance.

4.Duration of the contract

The RAs will be hired for a period of three months.

5.Steering the contract

The entire process would be steered by RAC, Bhubaneswar. The RAs shall work in close co-ordination with Dr. Saroj Mania (Director, RAC). All communication related to the contract are to be addressed to the abovementioned personnel.

Last date of application: 14th April 2021

Interested candidates may send their CV along with a cover letter explaining their suitability for the role to racbbsr@gmail.com. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an online interview round, jointly conducted by RAC and ICRIER.

Research & Analysis Consultants (RAC)
Plot 216/A, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751007
Ph: 9040074709 / 8895553602
Email id.: racbbsr@gmail.com