Training/Capacity Building

Training / Capacity Building

For effective implementation of any programme all available resources must be utilized to full potential. It is here that human resource mobilization comes into play. This force can be strengthened only through capacity building. Training is a socialization process where skills are imparted to augment human resources for the benefit. The resourceful in-puts in the programme is passed to the participants and then to the community through the former. RAC has imparted training in various trades and vocations for the betterment of the vulnerable groups of society and for skill upgradation of in-house human resources.

The detailed list of the training programme is provided below ;

Various training programmes in different trades were organized under different projects.

Name of Trade Place of Training
PMRY Bhubaneswar
Staff Capacity Building Bhubaneswar
Farmers Orientation training Karanjia, Mayurbhanj
Bee-Keeping / Honey processing Karanjia, Mayurbhanj
Sabai grass product Making Karanjia, Mayurbhanj
Sericulture Karanjia, Mayurbhanj
Mushroom and Spawn production Karanjia, Mayurbhanj
EDP training Karanjia, Mayurbhanj
Tailoring Training Ramthenga,Jajpur,Minsinghpatna,Khurda
Briquettee manufacturing Keonjhar
Goatery Mayurbhanj, Jajpur,Khurda
Poultry Keonjhar

These Capacity Building orientation programmes have immensely benefited the tribal and rural population of different areas/ districts during the course of different project operations. Besides, RAC has made inroads in mines rich area of Keonjhar district. It has identified new groups and motivated them for use of coal char. Demonstration / Presentations were held at different places regarding the use of industrial waste for the production of Bricket and its ultimate use as a cheap substitute of fuel wood. The District Administration, local population and also the supporting partner of the project i.e. UNDP GEF SGP were highly impressed for this programme.

Training / Capacity Building