The Research & Analysis Consultants ( RAC) is a registered NGO formed and managed by a group of highly qualified experts of repute from different works of life with positive commitments. It offers a forum for an empirical and analytical approach to various socio-economic, health, education, demographic.....

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Our Focus Area

Our state Orissa has a predominantly tribal population. Development and progress of tribals is high on the agenda of RAC as the target group is faced with poor standard of living,.

Community Farming

This is a focus activity in application of technology for the development of tribls in Karanjia and nearby blocks in Mayurbhanj.

Community Health

Health of beneficiaries is of primary importance since rural tribal people are having poor health indicators.

Training/Capacity Building

For effective implementation of any programme all available resources must be utilized to full potential. It is here that human .

Research & Evaluation

Mere implementation of a programme is not the end. Impact assessment plays a vital role to ascertain the degree of benefit .

Livelihood Support

Economy is dominated by various stakes. A tribal economy is vulnerable with regard to beneficiaries. Land alienation.

Women Empowerment

RAC has laid special emphasis on strengthening the fairer sex as its gender sensitive approach for holistic development and empowerment.

Projects Handled


Ministries of Govt. of India : Welfare, Home Affairs, Social Justice and Empowerment, Tribal Affairs, Health, Planning Commission, IIPA (Indian Institute of Public Administration).


ICDS (Integrated Child Development Programme) Evaluation in 164 blocks of Orissa. Privatisation and its impact on the problems and prospects of Employment opportunities of SCs .

Training / Awareness

A study on the impact of educational programmes for development of Tribal Women Literacy in Orissa. Census data -based study on the Paroja Tribe of Orissa.IMR in the Tribal areas of Orissa.